Sunday, May 03, 2009

Finding New Music

The first two CD albums my bro and I bought were Pulp's Different Class and Radiohead's The Bends. They took a while to grow on me. I remember choosing the Bends cos it seemed to have so many stars and 5/5s on the cover I reckoned I couldn't go wrong. It must've taken me a good 2 months to "get it" though. Definitely a grower (at least to a 14 or 15 year old me) but then again I didn't have enough money to buy any other albums, so I was stuck with it.

But buying listening to something new, something that none of my pals had, was, err, cool!

I am still the same, I love listening to new stuff. Few or zero preconceptions, no expectations and the chance of stumbling across the best thing since the last best thing.

Today I used to do some musical exploration. is like a musical version of Facebook.

It saves all the songs you play, so you can look up what your most listened to track, albums or artists are.

Even better, you can look at what other users are listening to and even listen to their 'radio station' (i.e. their music collection).

I often listen to my bro's station to check up on what he's listening to and my own while at work and want a bigger selection than the iPod.

Apparently my bro and I have a really similar 'musical compatibility'. I always thought his taste and mine were pretty different, but then again it's all relative I suppose.

I checked out what my favourite DJ's been playing recently and bought a handful of albums. Unfortunately, I am too lazy/busy to listen to his show regularly now.

Anyone know of a decent DJ (especially Indonesian) with a account? Would love to keep more up to date with Indonesian music (and music in general...).

Maybe I should subscribe to some music review websites. Any suggestions?

How do you find new music?


Reevo Saulus said...

Hi John, do you know Indonesian female DJ named Milinka Radisic ? She's the only Asian female DJ who joined in techno-rave Street Parade 2008 in Zurich, Swiss. She's great ! You could google her. Oya, thanks fot visiting my blog, anyway. I'll visit your blog, too ! :D

Mark Orford said...

Yo! I remember buying Different Class, it was on a listening station, so I just listened to the first 30 seconds of each song and decided it was good, I was right!

I've been listening to alot over the past year or so, there is a really really cool podcast by Grant Lawrence you can find on it. Highly recommended.

johnorford said...

reevo, thx for the tip. couldn't find any milinka radisic online, will have to ask u again next time i am in indo...

bro, subscriibed!

Jakartass said...

Check out this blog for Indonesian music, inc. downloads.

johnorford said...

thx for the link jk!