Sunday, April 12, 2009

Eastward or Westward?

Woke up late.

Read too many blog posts throughout the day. I still have blog posts 'starred' in Google reader dating back to the beginning of January. Dunno why I feel beholden to read 'em as I am sure their authors have long forgotten them.

Tried to go to Century 21, closed. Tried to go to Macy's. Closed. Didn't even bother going to B&H, cos I know that's closed for about a week around passover.

So much for New York being the HQ of global capitalism! I want my money back! I am sure shopper's in Ireland aren't subected to shops being closed on Easter Sunday!

I walked all the way back from 34th street. A good hour or so walking. With the wind it was pretty chilly too!

Seeing how Hell's Kitchen melts into Meat Packing District into Chelsea into Greenwich Village into Tribeca into the dreaded Financial district (it really ain't that bad when you live here, and don't scoot in and out every day!).

Was thinking how women can verbalise stuff so well, especially when it comes to relationships. But just cos they verbalise all this stuff with their pals, doesn't mean they're not way off the effin beam when it comes to men.

Walked by a homeless guy telling people how different they are. "You got glasses". "You're fat". "You're wearing purple shoes". Etc etc. Sometime I think these guys are more lucid than us drones walking past 'em.

I remember I used to walk by a homeless bloke most days coming home from work in Dublin. He was an old chubby bloke, clean shaven looked like he could be you local bank branch manager. He slept beside our parliament building. One day he was telling the world about how someone told him that when he'd grow up he'd be OK, and then he asked well what now?

I and any number of hurried commuters should ask the same thing about ourselves.

I came home, and started thinking about holiday planning. My sis has been on to me about going home, but Ireland doesn't interest me. I just end up doing nothing back there (which has its advantages too!).

My uncle suggested I go visit him in Vancouver. My pals are having an anniversary in Germany. And above all I wanna go to Indonesia. I have an urge to visit Lampung this time around.

So I was wondering, how about an around the world trip. New York -> Vancouver -> Jakarta -> Duesseldorf -> New York. Probably too masochistic, even for me : ) And travelling eastward might be gentler when it comes to jet lag.

Which way would be best to go? Eastward or westward?

I have Brokeback mountain from Netflix. Have had it for a couple of weeks now, still can't bring myself to watch it...


delvi said...

my suggestion: go to indonesia. you can go westward or eastward as you please. if you go to the east, you'll find places like papua or ambon. if you go to the west, lampung and my bukittinggi are for you. indonesia has everything you know (bah, i sound like a civil servant in tourism dept he he he).

mukuge said...

go westward - the jetlags are easier to deal with!

Neil said...

Either way, john, I have the suspicion you are oblivious to jetlag!


Unknown said...

delvi, yeh, are you sure you aren't a tourism bureaucrat implant into blogosphere?

mukuge, are you sure westward jetlag was easier, i always thought eastward was...

neil, yeh you get used to jetlag...

delvi said...

no am not. i will wreak havoc that dept if i am. they hate cheeky girl like me ha ha