Saturday, February 21, 2009

Thug Culture

I need to learn about Preman in Indonesia.

Preman are the local thugs that you pay protection money to.

Indonesia's police have been more or less worthless, so it sort of sense that a locality's security is somewhat privatised. Even though you are paying money to some kind of local mafia.

In any case, vice president (and presidential candidate) Kalla has said Indonesia needs a Preman to run the country not a bureaucrat. Maybe something gets lost in translation.

As I said, I need to learn more about this.


Irene Yuan said...

I think Kalla has created his own twisted definition of that word.
In Indonesia, the only difference between preman and bureaucrats is bureaucrats wear suits, premans don't.

johnorford said...

Ah, thanks for clearing that up. Kalla's just being an eejit again... Some things never change!

delvi said...

interview me please. my nannies during my pee-in-the-pants days were them. i learn the art of extortion from them. we call it "memalak".

A Feminist Blog said...

I giggled on the title you picked, John, 'thug culture'. Can we use the world 'culture' here? 'Culture' is supposed to refer to good things? Or am I just too naive?
This is similar to people complaining the term 'corruption culture'.

johnorford said...

delvi, thx for the new word. "memalek" - will try to use it as often as poss!! : )

nana, yups, culture can be used in a negative way also.