Sunday, September 09, 2007

Kubuntu Freezes

[***This fix is much better -- i.e. it actually works!! :);)***]

Twice over the last few months my Kubuntu started to freeze - another symptom was that I couldn't use hibernate.

I figured out the problem was that the swap partition was not being picked up (text on the bottom right of ksysguard will say that swap is unavailable, and the swap graph should be empty).

Luckily the solution is easy!

In the system settings, go to advanced settings and then click on "Disk and File Systems".

Log into administrator mode, and modify the partition which has no mount point, type, device and is deactivated.

Modify the partition, by ensuring that it's Swap and that the option below is "auto" - not "noauto"!

Now you should be ready to go!

[Edit: the swap partition line in /etc/fstab will look something like this:

UUID=22f029fb-e472-43d4-8e64-a49358a9f890 swap auto 0 0

but should look something like this:

UUID=22f029fb-e472-43d4-8e64-a49358a9f890 none swap auto 0 0

hibernating messes around my swap for some reason, which is kinda crap, will have to look into this further...]


triesti said...

u know, i still havent install the ubuntu :) and now i am using MacOs

johnorford said...

well osx is going in the right direction! lots of windows ppl r moving to mac, and lots of mac ppl moving to linux :) it's all good :)