Sunday, August 12, 2007

Islamic Summer of Love

100,000 have met in Jakarta to discuss the creation of an Islamic caliphate - an international state based on Muslim-on-Muslim love. By all accounts, it was the Naughties answer to Woodstock and the Summer of Love.

Ignoring all the "liberal" reasons why Sharia states aren't good ideas, let's focus on some rather more obvious impracticalities.

Muslims are human (obvious I know, but too often it can be forgotten!).

How long did it take for the Acehnese to get some TLC from their *Muslim* bosom buddies in Sumatra, Sulawesi and Java? Where was all the passion for Indonesian on Malay action in the '60s? Where are the saucy Shia-Kurd-Sunni orgies of love? Oh that's right, that sauce isn't even of the ketchup type!

100,000 in the Bung Karno Stadium? Islamic Summer of Love? Pass me an E.


David said...

"I've come to believe that Muslims have the right to defend themselves when attacked, but we're not allowed to be aggressive against Westerners if they're not attacking us."

The West, it's always about the West :(
... anyway, no wonder it took me an hour to get through Senayan via Gelora BK yesterday!

yodee said...

"pass me an E" ahahahahaha

David said...

"100,000 in the Bung Karno Stadium? Islamic Summer of Love?"

All singing Crosby, Stills and Nash..."if you can't be with the one you love, honey, love the one you're with" :)

ayesaha said...

hi John, could i ask why you like indonesia so much? not that there is anything wrong with liking a country but i just want to know the reason.

johnorford said...

Hey Ayesaha,

Well there are so many reasons why i love indonesia so much. if i had to pick one... maybe it'd be the smell of kretek in cgk airport :):)

mukuge said...

the easiest 'giveaway' of an Indon travelling overseas would be the smell of kretek.
(or it might just be my sense of smell hallucinating...)

miund said...


Whaddup, John? Been a while since I tend my English blog and been a while also since I visit my English blog readers :D Hope you're doing well!