Saturday, July 28, 2007

Q: Why Am I A Feminist?

A: Let me show you what I woke up to today (and it's a pretty typical day).

Firstly there's a story about maid abuse, then there's an undercover exposé of prostitution in SE Asia.

Oh and this is another story I read a while back.

(I gotta write up some of my thoughts on prostitution itself one of these days...)


Denica said...

jeez you are so right.

David said...

Hi John, my blood boils every time I read of these atrocities. Perhaps a more apt title to your post should be 'Why am I a humanitarian (-ist)?' given that these things happen to, what, millions perhaps, of under aged MALE 'prostitutes' as well, forced to sell their fragile bodies to screwed up lunatics with no definable way out.

And the thing about the maids, man I get so pissed off when I see the way maids are sometimes treated even under my nose here in JKT, decked out in special 'pyjamas' to distinguish them from the rest of society (surely a maid's 'uniform', if they must be made to wear one, could be a little more respectable for the poor girls). Sometimes you see them at restaurants and food courts with their employer families, only being allowed to eat the child's leftovers. Sucks big time. Back in OZ my wife and I had a homestay student living with us. Back home he grew up with 5 maids from the Philippines. He would regard my (Indonesian, brown-skinned) wife with no more respect than he obviously had for his maids. Needless to say, after numerous failed attempts to 'educate' him he was kicked out.

johnorford said...

Yes there are male victims. However the way I see it; it's men's cash, violence and testosterone which is the root of the problem. That's why I rather say I'm a feminist than a humanist.

"Needless to say, after numerous failed attempts to 'educate' him he was kicked out."

Good for you! :):)

I agree with you, maid's treatment in Jkt is too often contemptuous.

At least in Jkt the contempt of poor dark skinned ppl is quite straightforward, not like ours in the west...