Sunday, February 25, 2007


I am not eating meat for Lent.

Almost one week down, and five to go (no one told me that Lent lasts for 6 whole weeks, next year I'll do Ramadan instead, reckon it's shorter!).


triesti said...

The hardest part is the 1st week.. last year I was vegetarian for a couple months before starting eating seafood & poultry again every now and then. Need to do veggie again soon.

johnorford said...

i never heard of an indonesian going veggie! -- i suppose you've lived in the big N long enough :)

Actually i am having minimal problems being vegetarian. But whereas before sometimes I felt slightly guilty eating meat, i don't think i will any longer, weird psychology...

Still eat seafood tho ;)

Denica said...

john u're a vegetarian? woa thats so cool. we catholics also have this fast period right before easter for 40 days and 40 nights but the fasting may varies from everyone, from eating habits, to bad habits, anything as long it's your most loved habit. and i havent passed that period even after years of trying. so good for you! ;)

btw cool picture :D

johnorford said...

Don't you Catholics in Indonesia call that fasting period Lent? -- that's what it's called in Ireland anyways.

"btw cool picture :D"


spew-it-all said...

Vegetarians but eat seafood? Mmmm this shall be vegequarian!

I used to be a vegetarian in Indonesia. It was easy as gado-gado and pecel were perfect meal for vegetarians.

Seafood is much better for me. But its bloody pricey. With the amount of money you've paid for 1/2 kg prawn, you can get 2 pieces of steak plus two bottles of beers. Yum!

Shaden said...

lol I don't know what Lent is, but Ramadan is more convenient, easier than not eating something for an entire month or so.

triesti said...

lent is the English word for it. Man, I've been in low land long enough to forget the Indonesian name for it;)

Ramadan in Ind. is a piece of cake because everyone is doing it, and those who are not doing it wont eat/drink in front of you. Less temptations.

oh, I did it because of vipassana

johnorford said...

spew-it-all: "Vegetarians but eat seafood? Mmmm this shall be vegequarian!"

oooooooooooo, just checked wikipedia and looks like i can't call myself a vegetarian afterall, vegequarian it is then! ;)

Triesti: vipassana??? lent = meminjamkan?

Shaden: i am not sure about easier, but Ramadan is quite a lot of fun when celebrating breaking the fast each night. altho at college i celebrated with my indonesian pals and didn't fast during the day, what a cheat i was!

johnorford said...

Pescetarian: no meat except fish diet.