Sunday, December 10, 2006

Are We Waves?

Think about a ripple in water. The wave moves horizontally, however the water molecules actually move vertically. The water molecules aren't a part of the wave, they just react to it when it passes through.


Apparently /all/ of the matter from which we are built from is renewed every 9 years - matter flows in and out.

Richard Dawkins pointed out in his book 'The God Delusion' (referring to 'Creation' by Steve Grand) that the the memories we have from childhood aren't really memories about ourselves, as now we are made up of completely different matter.

Which means, whatever we are, we are /not/ the stuff of which we are made!

How fascinating!

Perhaps we are more like waves more than anything else.


weakties said...

the stuff can be different. but the way they are connected to each other is pretty much the same. memory , therefore, is not stuff but interactions (because we know it's the same memory). so, i would say we are more like networks more than anything else :D

johnorford said...

Memory is "interactions"?

... I wonder do waves have "memory"? ...

-- I am a bit shakey in this territory :) - maybe that's why i find it interesting.

Would enjoy any elaborations you can make with your physicist's hat on.