Wednesday, November 15, 2006


President Musharaff looks like he'll fail to reform rape laws in Pakistan.

At the moment in order for a raped woman in Pakistan /not/ to be convicted for adultery she needs at least 4 /male/ witnesses -- they'll be the rest of the gang then...



"The Vatican has stepped into the debate about Muslim women wearing veils, with a cardinal saying 'guests' must follow the laws of their host countries, including any bans on such face-coverings."

WTF? They're wearing veils! I suppose there are practical difficulties, but hasn't the Vatican got better things to do? - like rallying against condom use!

Europe seems to be becoming as dogmatic as states where Sharia law is practiced. Oh you gotta "respect" us, "respect" our religion, "respect" our culture (at least Sharia is based upon an old book - our politicians are just making fascist political hay).

Muslims (and others): respect the law, but if you want to rock the boat by wearing "disrespectful" headwear I say go right ahead -- these bloody Europeans need a bit of disrespect!

(Is there gonna be Hallowe'en next year???)


On Channel 4 (UK) news this evening, a senior Labour politician said something which contained a list of 3 words:

"... immigrants, asylum seekers and criminals ..."

I haven't a clue what exactly he was saying, but it tells you something about the UK (and perhaps also Ireland).


Skinhead finds out he's Jewish


English al-Jazeera is on the air -- I wonder how long it'll take before it becomes al-Jazeera lite in order to appeal to Western business men in hotel rooms and sell advertising...


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