Saturday, September 30, 2006

"Concept of counterfeiting revisited"

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Von: John Orford
Datum: Heute 14:38:30
Dear Sir / Madam,

The "Concept of counterfeiting revisited" (30th Sept.) article entirely missed the point.

Indonesia has higher priorities than protecting the intellectual property rights and revenue streams of Messrs. Schwarzenegger and Chan, and rightly so.

The point however, is that the counterfeit goods industry breeds industrial scale corruption and organised crime.

Every Rupiah spent on pirated goods is an economic vote /for/ corrupt governance practices and organised crime, and a vote /for/ the status quo.

Those who rage against Indonesia's kleptocrats but purchase illegal goods (e.g. pirated DVDs, drugs) and services (e.g. prostitution) are insulting hypocrites.  They should shut up or put up!


John Orford

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