Monday, July 31, 2006

Why Linux?

I love Linux. It's software, it's bits and bytes, 1's and 0's, lifeless, static. Weird I know, but there be reasons!

Everyone knows it's free - but so is Mac and Windows software if you look hard enough.

The difference is community. Open source developers give away /all/ of their software for free (no premium versions, 30 day trials etc, ads). Over the years this has built up a lot of karma around the Linux community.

-- Compare this to the Windows / Apple world, where most live in a world of cracks, serials and dodgy pirated copies of software -- not to mention the viruses/rootkits/remote holes on Windows...

Linux veterans will go to extraordinary lengths to help newbies out (cos back in their day Linux was a series of hard knocks (- at first it took me 2 weeks to hook up to the internet and 1 month to get sound working...). Now installation is /easier/ than WinXP!

Ppl switching from Windows to Linux isn't a big deal anymore (anyone in the know will have jumped that ship a long time ago) what's more interesting are the high profile OSX -> Ubuntu switchers:

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